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SCARY DAY! [Jan. 19th, 2005|03:23 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

I went to work this morning.
First off it was stinking cold out and I knew that I had to do the drive-thru like every other day has been since it got cold. So of course I was not joyful.

The roads were very icey and I almost got into a head-on collision with an Ambulance (Great huh?) I thought for sure I was a dead woman. But some angels or something pushed my car back over at the last second. YaY!!! I was very releived and so were the guys in the ambulance. Made it to work and of course they gave me the headset. Didn't really mind all that much just it's very cold.

15 minutes later this lade comes to my window in her car and starts swearing at me (Now I hadn't seen the lady ever before she came before I started working today) So I was confused for a minute cause she wasn't speaking words she was just sweaing her brains out. I finally got out of it that we messed her sandwhich up and she had diabetes and needed to eat but couldn't have cheese and her autistic son was trying to throw his head through the window??? SO of course I really felt bad about it but then she kept going on she said. "F*ck you! You little Bi*ch, if I don't get my F*cking sandwhich the right way in the next 30 F*cking seconds I'm going to sue McDonalds and then I'm going to come in and punch you and hit until you F*cking Bleed to DEATH!!!!!!!!" And so I took the food we got wrong and then told my manager to PLEASE I WANT TO LIVE GET HER THE RIGHT FOOD FAST! So we got her the food and I went back to the window she swore some more and said how I had to be the dumbest and slowest person in the whole world and that she never wanted to see my F*cking UGLY FACE AGAIN!

YUP! Oh it was such a fun day. You know I just look forward to seeing those kinds of people.
I didn't get mad, I felt really bad for her. She was so mad I couldn't beleive it. I've never gotten that mad ever!

Well I have to go to dance now. I hope the roads are better then they were.

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This is for my hunny [Jan. 12th, 2005|10:08 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Nintendo]

My e-mail does not work. I don't know why but it's not working for me. It might be working by tomorrow but I really don't know. So if I don't e-mail you or anything in the next few days thats why.
Just wanted to let you know that.

I love you!

Oh yeah and I still don't know if I got into that Talent thing. I won't know until Friday or Saturday.
We did alright, not the best that we've done but the judges seemed to like it pretty good. I think we will make it in.

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(no subject) [Jan. 12th, 2005|03:16 pm]
[mood |soresore]
[music |s]

I have auditions tonight to get into a Talent Compitition!

I fell on the ice this morning at like 6:45 am and I don't like to up that early anyways but to fall and get all bruised and scraped up the day I really have to dance well is not fun!

I lived though so I guess it's good.
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(no subject) [Jan. 9th, 2005|05:26 pm]
[mood |happyhappy! I'm talking to my man!]
[music |Jesse playing nintendo]

One of my friends was sent over sea's yesterday.
He's only 19 and he's never really even been away from home before. I know everyone that knows him is going to miss him alot. I can't even imagine how his sisters and family all feel about it.

You don't really think about it to much until someone you know and care about has to go there.

I guess all I want is payers for my friend Ryan to be safe while he's there and for him to be able to come back home safely too.
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I HATE DRIVING IN SO MUCH SNOW! [Jan. 8th, 2005|10:28 am]
[mood |energeticready for anything]
[music |heater going buzzzzzzz]

I'm not really used to driving in alot of snow because I haven't really had my license for a long time and I'm still just getting used to sliding all over the road.

Yesterday was such a long, long day. Woke up by my little brother and sister playing video games while sitting on my legs. Then this little kid came over and I kinda had to watch him and play with him for a while. Then my Grandparents came out and brought yummy food to eat.
After they all left I took Bekah and Jessica and drove an hour to this dance store to buy new pointe shoes cause I busted mine last week in class.

I had to try on a bunch of different pairs before I found some that I felt good in. Bought some new dance outfits that were only 1$ (I'm cheap like that) drove all the way back home, dropped Bekah off, took Jessica to get her hair cut, drove back home, picked up Bekah and Jesse, drove to youth group, after youth group came back home, bunch of little girls were on my couch and wanted me to sit with them while they watched the page master, so I did and I fell asleep with one in my lap.

Youth Group was alot of fun. The teaching I thought was really good because Brad one of our youth leaders put it into a form where I think all the kids could really understand it alot better.
It was the story of Zacheeus (I don't know how to spell his name) you know the short dude in the tree.
Well we ended up making him be P-Diddy or whoever that guy singer is and we made other people into buisness men or things like that. So the kids could actually get a better visual of the story I think.

I had a really bad headache yesterday, like so painful that I was crying when I got home. 4 People told me they think it's because of MSG in food or something. I really don't know what that is. Everytime I eat those soup things in the package or a bunch of those cheese nips or whatever they are called I seem to get really really bad headaches. I guess that means I shouldn't eat them anymore.... I think maybe I should have figured that out by now. OH Well

I have to go to dance soon so I'll be ending this now.

Have a fun weekend everyone!
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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2005|10:22 pm]
[mood |thirstythirsty]
[music |I'm listening to Chopin-minute waltz cause I'm learning it]


I went to Wards house for a few days over New Years and got to spend time with his family which is always fun. It was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. Like probably one of the best weekends in 18 years. (Which happens to be my entire life) I really love my boyfriend alot. I can't even imagine life without him. It just can't and won't be like that anymore, cause I get to keep him!

After I left his house (Which was very hard to do by the way) (Cause my boyfriend looked extra cute that day) (Plus he's a nice guy and I hate to be away from him)(Am I grossing anyone out yet besides the 2 Jessica's I know?) I'll try and stop talking about that for a few minutes so I won't gross the very few friends out that read this.

Yes after I left his house I just kind of started dance back up and work this week. I'm really quite sore because being out of dance for 2 weeks and being sick I didn't really do very much stretching or anything so lastnight when I had to do like 350 crunches and sit-ups and about 50 push-ups my body kind of didn't like that and it's really painful today. It's a good pain cause I know it's making me work but I feel pretty sore right now.

I've been working the 6am-2pm shift lately which makes me very tired, but I like getting out that early, much better then getting out at 4 or 5. It's been really really cold working at the drive-thru window all morning though. This morning the manager was late ( I was actually there before she was) and so we opened the store about 6:30 instead of six and some people weren't really very happy but we didn't have food cooked or anything so we really couldn't open. Then later my manager gave the 4 of us in the store a pick of anything we wanted to eat and we could eat as much as we wanted to.
So I got a really big breakfast this morning for free.

Well I guess that is pretty much all thats gone on. Well besides my physco best friend throwing her laptop at me and breaking it on my hand, which also broke my hand a little, well it's sore anyways (Thanx alot Jessica) I actually yelped lastnight at dance. Yes Yelped like a dog because my dance partner grabbed my hand really hard and it hurt very much so.(Again I say Thank You Jess) I mean okay she said she was sorry about 100 times but I can still pretend my hand is dead and I'll never be able to do anything right with it anymore.

Good night everyone! I hope you all have a really nice weekend.
Josiah I hope you feel better

Ward I love you
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(no subject) [Dec. 26th, 2004|02:56 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |chris farley livin in a van down by the river]

Christmas was good even though I was sick and just laid around every place we went. Josiah and April are fun.

I did play pool and I was good for a few shots! I was even making my brother look bad and he used to go to the pool hall every weekend for a while.

I didn't go to church today. I didn't wake up till like 11. I love sleeping in.

Last night someone dumb (Jessica Kellogg) was being mean to my sexy boyfriend.
She will be pounded on the next chance I get. (Hear that Jessica be ready for a beatin)


I hope everyone else had a great christmas.

On thursday I get to go to Wards house and spend a few days with his family!!!
Yes I am excited. I just need to stop being sick thats all.

Well time for me to go pee.
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(no subject) [Dec. 25th, 2004|12:28 am]
[mood |sickstill sick : (]

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2004|07:09 pm]
[mood |groggygroggy,sick, and very tired]
[music |Christmas music of course!]


I got to open some preasants that one of my co-workers sent home with my Mom and my paycheck!! And I get to open a few more from my friends tonight!

I haven't really left this room much today. Spent most of it sleeping. And this is the first Chrsitmas Eve that we aren't going anywhere in about 5 years.

We canceled our church service because everyone already had plans and we would have been the only people there. So I still get to lay in bed for the rest of the night.

I'm feeling a little better. I'm still pretty sick but my head doesn't hurt as much so I'm very glad!

Tomorrow will be the first time I've set foot out the door since Tuesday which is really really odd for me.
But I can't wait till tomorrow is here. I love Christmas so much!
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(no subject) [Dec. 23rd, 2004|09:40 pm]
[mood |sadSiCK]
[music |way to many people in my room!]

Sick with the Flu.

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!
I love christmas so much! It's my favorite time of the year!

I've gotten to skip work all week. The only day I had to work was on Monday.
I hate work so much and it's so nice not to have to go there. I mean laying in bed for the entire day feeling sick isn't a very nice thing but I like not going to work.

Well since I've only slept 18 hours out of the 24 hours that it's been since yesterday I think I'll go sleep some more.

Goodnight everyone have a great vacation!
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