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(no subject) [Apr. 5th, 2005|03:38 pm]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |Peepers outside]

I haven't written in here in a really long time so I guess I could write a little bit.

Lets see nothing interesting for a while and blah blah nothing at all really.

THEN last week I got to go to Florida with Ward and his family. I had such a good time. His Dad wasn't feeling well though so that was really sad and I wished he could have had a better time.
I enjoyed the trip alot though. I got to spend a TON of time with my perfect boyfriend. I was barely ever away from him for more then 10 minutes so that made me really really happy.

We got to see Aligators and catch little tiny lizards in the tree's, we went to Disney World which was alot of fun and went through alot of stores and different places.

We went swimming in the pool at the camp and scared a bunch of people away cause we laughed so much.
We seemed to laugh quite a bit during the whole week. When we got back to their house I was really tired and mental laughing really loud and not being able to stop. I'm sure I probably freaked my boyfriend out a little. I was acting pretty silly I guess. I don't know I thought Ward was walking funny but really it was me falling all over the place.
My boyfriend was very sweet and nice to me though when I was tired (I mean he is all the time but more then normal I guess) he got me everything I wanted and needed and made sure everything was perfect. He's so cute.

Coming back home yesterday was one of the hardest things I think I've gone through in a really wicked long time. I cried most of the way home but I'm better today. I just really love my boyfriend and as selfish as it could sound I want to be with him every second and have him all to myself. But thats just because I love him so much. I really really really really really really do. Alot alot alot alot. ALOT.

It was the best time though and I'm very thankful that I got to go with them.

Tah Tah
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(no subject) [Feb. 21st, 2005|09:25 pm]
[mood |lovedvery much in love]

I love you Ward!

Thanks for a Great weekend!
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(no subject) [Feb. 9th, 2005|12:43 pm]
[mood |crankyunlike me to be so cranky]

Okay so this is it.

Yesterday was a really bad day (Except when my boyfriend called me which cheered me up alot)
Everything went wrong. I'm ready to quite working at stupid McDonalds. It's not worth it.

McDonalds finally (Now it's been almost a week since I hurt my wrist at McDonalds which no one really knew much about that)(Yeah a 50 pound box of frozen fries fell on me) after almost a full week of still working even though I said I needed to go to the doctors for it, I fianlly got a manager to fill out an accident report and went to the doctors today. YaY it's not broken... no it's just sprained and I tore a bunch of tendons, pulled some muscles and I bruised my thumb bone. I have to wear this weird brace thing on my hand and wrist for a couple weeks I guess and the doctor says "Don't move around to much" Ha I dance I am a dancer I will dance. So he sends me to work with a note saying that I can't carry or life anything and they are like okay. Tomorrow morning I have to work at 5am and when someone works that early they have to get everything out of the freezer...50 pound boxes of fries and even heavier things then that.
I know I'm gonna get stuck doing it to. Maybe I'll just quite because I'm ready to. The people that I work with just have no respect for anything at all and they treat me like dirt and I'm sick of it.
I've come home crying almost every day this week because they just make my life miserable. I know I shouldn't let them get to me but after all these months of dealing with it I just don't think I can do it anymore.
We'll see what happens though.
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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2005|10:54 pm]
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |hahahahaha laughter hehe hahaha]

Super Bowl Party... THE BOMB!
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(no subject) [Jan. 31st, 2005|04:48 am]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |snoring of my sister]

I woke up at 4:30am! Crazy huh? In that time I managed to get ready for work, e-mail my boyfriend, send a message to my brother, walk up and down the stairs twice looking for socks, and write in my LJ is'nt that not cool!

I'm going to hate this 4:30am stuff and working at 5:00. Just not my idea of fun.
I'm gonna be rich though. Well rich for a poor girl like me anyways.
Time to go.

I hate Eggs!
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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2005|11:59 pm]
[mood |excitedTHRILLED!]

Dress Rehersal went poopy, the show was awesome!!!!!!! We nailed it! Everything was perfect and I landed on my feet when Robert through me over his head! Yes! We didn't win the compitition but we met alot of cool people and had a ton of fun. It was so great!!!! Can you tell I'm still excited about the whole thing? It was the funnest thing I've done in a while! It was fantabulous!

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9 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Jan. 25th, 2005|06:27 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |lord of the dance]

9 hours at McDonalds, 9 hours of headset, 9 hours of opening that window, 9 hours working with people who aren't my favorites in the world, but 9 hours with $6.15 for every 9 of them. $55.35 in one day doesn't seem to bad after all I guess.
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(no subject) [Jan. 22nd, 2005|08:01 pm]
[mood |coldcold]

Has anyone else noticed that it's snowing ALOT?????
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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2005|09:04 pm]
[mood |lovedI love my hunny!]

I just wanted all to know that my boyfriend Ward has got to be the greatest and most amazing person on the planet!

Ward I love you and I hope your week gets better then it has been and I hope the mid-terms go alright for you too!
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Cornfield fun! [Jan. 20th, 2005|10:29 am]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |The Do-Run-Run in my head...]

Lastnight when I went to dance the roads were really bad.
Dance was great we had alot of fun and they called me the heppy bananna all night long because I wore a yellow shirt. And the one really big guy in my swing class tried to do a split and got stuck and just about tore his pants in half.
Ha it was pretty funny.

Then on the way home the roads were worse and I actually ended up flying off the road into a cornfield.
Now it doesn't dound all the funny probably but it was. I went spinning off the road and landed in a cornfield. I was like "oh poopy" Those were my exact words. And so instead of getting all stressed out and blah blah I laughed for about 2 seconds because the car ahead was the one going off the road in the first place and he ended up just driving away and for some reason I found it funny that I was the one in the cornfield.
I decided not to call for help because I'm buff woman and if I had to I would push it out myself.
So I floored it and drove around the cornfield for a minute then ended up being able to get my car up the little hill and out back to the road.
I was so glad that I didn't have to call anyone to help me.

It took about 45 extra minutes to get home last night though. Then McDonalds called and said that I didn't have to go to work today. YAY! I might even get tomorrow off. Now I can just lay around the house until dance tonight. And I can eat home food! Not work food!!!!!!

Thank you to all of my friends who pitty me from my last comment. I love you guys more then you know!
Well with the exception of Jessica Kellogg cause if I said I loved her we just couldn't be best friends anymore.
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